Growing together within Wellma: PLF-Legosan collaboration


Growing together with Wellma

One great advantage of being part of Wellma comes from the opportunities to drive growth by accessing new markets and development & production capabilities.

A recent success story comes from one such opportunity where we were able to drive growth in the German market by tapping into production capabilities within the Wellma network: Private Label Factory (PLF) partnered with a major retail client for a large order of tablets that was produced by Legosan in Sweden.

“We were able to deliver this order thanks to the Wellma ecosystem, as we leveraged the strong experience and knowledge of tablet production at Legosan. Through this we were able to meet the demand of an important customer and has further strengthened our collaboration going forward” says Fabian Geisler, CEO of PLF.

Alexander Marklund, CEO of Legosan, fills in: “The collaboration went really well and this order of course also meant a great opportunity for us. I am truly impressed and proud of how we collaborated, where sharing knowledge and expertise helped us all develop” – says Alexander.

The collaboration between PLF and Legosan is one of many examples where we have extended and improved our customer offering to important customers, while helping us all grow at the same time. It is also a testament of the Wellma model where we can provide deep expertise across different development & production fields to customers all across the world.

It’s hard to believe this is just the beginning!