Dutch CDMO Pouch Alliance becomes part of Wellma

Feb 7, 2024

Dutch CDMO Pouch Alliance becomes part of Wellma

Pouch Alliance, Dutch specialist in the development and manufacturing of nutritional liquids and sport gels, joins forces with Wellma, a leading developer and manufacturer of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Pouch Alliance, based in Wormer, The Netherlands, is a leader in formulating, producing, and packaging a wide range of nutritional liquids including energy gels, vitamin/mineral shots, protein gels, isotonic gels, syrups, and liquid food supplements. The company has gained recognition for its innovative approaches and has experienced significant growth, attributing its success to a combination of strong formulations, excellent taste profiles, sustainable packaging, and high-quality manufacturing standards adhering to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

This strategic move marks Wellma’s entry into the nutritional liquid segment, complementing its existing portfolio of tablets, capsules, powders, coating and granulation. Pouch Alliance’s unique capabilities in flexible, sustainable packaging and liquid formulations present new opportunities for Wellma to expand its product offerings and enhance its market position.

“We see a great personal and business fit between Wellma and Pouch Alliance” says Alexis Bergsma, CEO and Founder of Pouch Alliance. “Being part of Wellma’s ecosystem will give us access to a range of opportunities, which will mean an even stronger value proposition for our customers. We will gain access to wider product portfolio, additional R&D capabilities, and better proposition towards our customers. We are excited by the possibilities ahead.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Pouch Alliance to the Wellma family,” says Christian Merup, CEO of Wellma. “Pouch Alliance’s expertise in nutritional liquids not only widens our product offering, but also perfectly matches our commitment to niche capabilities, highest quality and innovation. Their impressive growth and dynamic team are proof of their industry leadership, and we look forward to collaborating to further improve our customer offering.”

This represents another important strategic step for Wellma’s ongoing journey to become European leader as a development and manufacturing partner to B2C actors in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sector.

About Wellma: Wellma is a European entity specializing in the development and manufacturing of food supplements and niche pharmaceuticals with over 50M EUR in revenues, 5 production sites, and global customer base. With a focus on quality, flexibility and innovation, Wellma offers development and manufacturing services to leading B2C actors in the food supplement and pharmaceutical space. https://www.wellmagroup.com/

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